Third Party Reviews

Al Banks | January 11, 2019 |

"App and sign said no wait. Checked in on app, then after checking in at the location, board indicated 25+ min wait. Not recommended."

Brad Hodges | December 17, 2018 |

"Great service. Great cut and the MVP treatment is very nice for little extra money"

Jeff Jones | October 08, 2018 |

"Hands Down the Best SPORTS CLIPS in the Jackson, MS area"

Ryan S. | October 04, 2018 |

"Very friendly and welcoming staff. They offer free neck clean-ups in between hair cuts. Also be sure to sign up for the loyalty program and get 1/2 off on your 5th haircut."

Mississippi Treasure Hunter | July 26, 2018 |

"The staff here was friendly and fast. This is by the Kroger's. I first went too the sports clips at dogwood. Being my first time evere at SC I Picked my stylist. It said a 20 minute wait. She was cutting a guys hair that was like a Bert cut from Bert and Ernie .It took over 30 minutes while she stroked his ego. Then he got up and paid. Then she disappeared to the back without even a "I'll be right with you" or anything .I got up after another 5 minutes and left. So I went to the Spillway Kroger location and they sat me immediately .Great cut and very professionals. The other location can f off. Will never go back there."

Andrew McAlpin | July 10, 2018 |

"Worst haircut I have ever had. - asked for a medium fade. I definitely have a high fade, almost a high and tight. She took the guard I asked for at the bottom nearly to the top of the side of my head. - asked to fade in my beard from the haircut. Last I checked, that didn’t mean cutting the entirety of my beard. - to make the beard part even better, she didn’t even line it straight at the bottom or even on the sides!! - when she was cutting my beard, it physically hurt. I’ve had a beard for several years, and keep it trimmed with clippers all the time. I have NEVER been hurt by clippers on skin. This felt somewhere between a burn and peeling off of the top layer of skin. - did not even trim all parts of my beard. I look like I’m trying to grow a creepy goatee because she didn’t get under my lip or on my chin. - on top of all of that, when I mentioned it was supposed to only be a fade in, she just JUSTIFIED WHAT SHE DID by saying “oh it was dry and to grow it out you gotta clip it, etc etc” instead of just owning it and saying sorry. Then started talking about how to moisturize. - then, to top off this wonderful experience, she asked if I wanted any product in my hair. “No thanks” I say. PLOP, “imma just add some moisturizer to it.” ?!?!?! She finally wraps up, I check out, and walk to my car. There is literally enough product in my hair that I can rub my hair lightly and it is visible on my hand. This whole experience was so comically bad, I told my wife I was expecting someone to jump out and scream “you just got punk’d!”"

Dillon Williams | June 19, 2018 |

"Bri was amazing!! She listened to everything I had to say, asked for clarity when needed and made great conversation. She treated my haircut like a work of art... I was her masterpiece at that moment and I could tell. I’ve never tipped so high on a haircut! If I could’ve given more, I would’ve this time! I’m so glad to have found my person in my new city! Thanks Bri! See you soon!"

Radical Dude | June 16, 2018 |

"Love the Allstar"

Kelly Madison | June 15, 2018 |

"We love stylist Arcola!"

Troy Coe | May 20, 2018 |

"I have been to this location. 3 times the first time was perfect, the second time I had so many gaps I had to go somewhere else and get fixed. I normally use a 4 guard but in order to fix it they had to use a 2 guard. So today I was running behind and was in a pinch, so I broke down and went back, I am so sorry I did I would have been better off going with out now I look like I have permanet hat hair. This has been my experience, If you have a job interview or your getting married this is NOT the place you want to get your hair cut!"